Dentist reveals ‘extraordinary’ game-changer for people living with diabetes

A leading dental health expert has shared some potentially life-changing advice for people living with diabetes. Dr. Alp Kantarci, a respected figure in dentistry and oral health research, appeared on The Zoe Podcast and his guidance has been hailed as “amazing” and could be a game-changer for people living with diabetes.

Dr. Kantarci, who has an impressive resume as a scientist, dentist, periodontist, dental implant surgeon, and senior member of the Forsyth Institute, emphasized the well-established link between diabetes and gum disease. He emphasized that oral health is an important indicator of diabetes, which affects all types of disease, and that proactive dental care can lead to positive results.

“Diabetes was the first disease to be associated with gum disease,” he explained in the podcast. “Research back in the 1990s showed that if you have diabetes, regardless of the type, you're going to have bleeding gums.”

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He went on to emphasize the importance of this connection: “So this is important. So, oral health or periodontal disease is one of the six indicators or main symptoms of diabetes. So that's one of the main issues there, and in turn for us The Problem Research to date shows that gum disease can also make diabetes worse. For the latest health and Covid news, sign up to our newsletter here

According to Gloucestershire Life , interventional research shows that treating periodontal disease not only solves gum problems but also lowers blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, potentially helping with overall diabetes management.

Zoe App CEO Jonathan Wolf expressed surprise at the finding, commenting: “I just wanted to make sure I got this result because I'd never heard of it before. It's really amazing – you say someone has… Diabetes, it's this is an extremely serious disease and so many people are living with it today and living with it today, you mean, for people who also have some kind of oral health issue, Isn’t it remarkable that if you treat this oral health problem, their blood sugar control suddenly becomes better?”

Confirming this remarkable link, Dr. Kantarci agreed, emphasizing the evidence behind his opinion: “It’s true. But it’s also proven. That’s why I started with diabetes, because diabetes is what we all The basis of systemic disease. He explains what people need to do to improve their health: “So you treat two things. One, reduce the bacterial load by treating the gum disease. But the second thing is, you can Reduce the burden of inflammation on the body by treating gum disease.

“So your inflammatory burden is one of the reasons why diabetes worsens. Your blood sugar goes up, your hemoglobin A1C levels go up, and your response to diabetes treatment or diabetes medications, etc., is completely impaired. That's where the dentist becomes the medical team. It's a humbling time to be a member because we don't treat diabetes, we treat our own disease, we treat our teeth, we treat our gums, we treat our mouths, but we can help our fellow medical patients. They will treat their patients better by accepting our treatment as well.

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