Dental Consumables Market Set to Reach $54.6B by 2029,

Chicago, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Global Dental consumables market It is expected to surge from US$36.3 billion in 2024 to US$54.6 billion in 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. Underlying this growth trajectory is the increasing prevalence of dental diseases worldwide, including dental caries, periodontal disease and oral cancer. Additionally, advances in dental technology and materials have expanded treatment options and promoted the adoption of innovative dental consumables. However, the market faces challenges due to high costs associated with dental procedures and materials, which may hinder market growth, especially in regions with limited access to affordable healthcare. Well-known companies such as Dentsply Sirona, Institut Straumann AG and Envista Holdings Corporation are leading the market through strategic initiatives such as acquisitions, collaborations and product innovation to strengthen their market positions and meet the changing needs of dental care around the world.

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Minimally invasive dental solutions drive dental consumables market

The surge in minimally invasive dental procedures, favored by patients and dentists alike, is driving the demand for dental consumables tailored for such technologies. This includes bonding materials, adhesives and minimally invasive restorative materials. At the same time, government initiatives to strengthen dental healthcare infrastructure, coupled with expanded insurance coverage for dental treatments, are expanding accessibility and affordability, thereby expanding the demand for dental consumables.

The high cost of dental treatment poses a limitation

The high costs associated with dental procedures and supplies pose a significant deterrent, especially in areas with limited or inadequate dental insurance coverage. Patients may forego dental care due to financial constraints, thus suppressing the demand for dental consumables and negatively impacting market growth.

Growing demand for cosmetic dentistry creates opportunities

The growing preference for beautifying teeth, reflected in growing demand for teeth whiteners, patches and orthodontic materials, offers a promising opportunity. Driven by increased oral health awareness and the desire to improve appearance, this trend is making cosmetic dental procedures more common and accessible. Advances in dental materials have further enhanced surgical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Overcoming regulatory hurdles challenges the market

Strict regulations governing the dental consumables market ensure patient safety and product efficacy, but also present challenges. Obtaining regulatory approval can be arduous and expensive, resulting in delayed product launches and increased development expenses. Additionally, the rising cost of many dental consumables, especially implants and orthodontic supplies, may hinder adoption, especially in developing regions or among low-income individuals.

Competitive landscape and regulatory changes impact industry dynamics

Competition in the dental consumables space is becoming increasingly fierce, with new entrants and established players vying for market share, leading to price pressure. Consolidation within the dental industry, including the rise of dental laboratories, is creating larger entities with increased purchasing power. While this may lower the price of supplies and equipment, it also creates challenges for smaller players. Additionally, changes in government regulations and insurance coverage may impact reimbursement rates, forcing providers to adjust pricing strategies accordingly.

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Other consumable areas are expected to grow strongly in the dental consumables industry

The other consumables segments within the dental consumables industry are expected to exhibit the second-highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2029. The reason is the increasing incidence of dental caries and the consequent need for root canal treatment.

Consumption of dental service institutions has grown significantly

Among end users, dental service organizations (DSOs) are expected to experience the second-highest CAGR in the dental consumables industry from 2024 to 2029. Change DSO workflow. As a result, DSOs are investing in cutting-edge dental technologies and procedures, spurring demand for advanced consumables such as digital impression materials, CAD/CAM modules and high-tech endodontic tools.

Europe becomes the main growth driver of the dental consumables market

Europe emerges as the leading growth region for the global dental consumables industry and is expected to register the largest CAGR during the forecast period. The region's aging population is leading to an increase in dental diseases such as cavities and periodontal disease, thereby increasing demand for dental services and products. Technological advancements, especially the widespread adoption of prosthetic CAD/CAM systems and the development of durable materials for implants and prostheses, are further driving market expansion. In addition, people's increasing awareness of oral health and the growing demand for cosmetic dentistry have also promoted the consumption of dental consumables such as whitening products, veneers and orthodontic supplies. Europe's strict regulatory environment ensures the quality and safety of dental products, promoting market confidence and growth. Still, economic disparities and differences in health care coverage across countries also pose challenges.

Innovations in digital dentistry and dental implants drive Straumann’s latest products

Straumann, an important player in the field of digital dentistry and dental implants, launched a new dental digital solution at the International Dental Show in Cologne in March 2024. , a commitment to utilizing advances in digital technology to meet customer needs.

Ivoclar partners with Cayster, Inc. to enhance dental digital workflows

In February 2023, Ivoclar, a leading brand in dental consumables, partnered with Cayster, Inc. to improve the intraoral scanning experience for dentists and laboratory trainers. The collaboration marks a significant advancement in streamlining digital workflows in dental offices and underscores the industry’s shift toward enhanced digital capabilities and seamless integration.

Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson team up to expand digital surgery ecosystem

In January 2022, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Company (JJMDC) joined forces with Microsoft to enhance and expand JJMDC's secure and compliant digital surgery ecosystem. The collaboration represents a strategic move to leverage digital technology to innovate surgical practices and highlights the growing convergence of healthcare and technology in the dental consumables industry.

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