Desktop Health’s Flexcera Resins Now Validated for Asiga 3D Printers

Desktop Health’s Flexcera resin is now certified for Asiga 3D printers Image source: ©Desktop Health

Desktop Health's Flexcera series of nanoceramic resins have now been validated on Asiga 3D printers, expanding the scope of innovative resins.

These nanoceramic resins have received FDA 510(k) clearance for 3D printed dentures and are now proven in Asiga’s dental 3D printers, including Max UV, Max 2, Ultra and Pro 4K models. This latest validation means Asiga can now supply resin formulations to thousands of dental laboratories and clinics using its 3D printers in the US, UK, European Economic Area and Canada.

Proven resins are Flexcera Smile Ultra+, Flexcera Smile and Flexcera Base. Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is formulated to deliver lifelike beauty and powerful long-term performance. Desktop Health's proprietary dental resin has been growing since its launch in 2021, offering 3D-printed permanent and temporary restorations, including dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers and more, the company said.

According to documentation, Flexcera Smile 3D printed dentures, when paired with Flexcera Base for denture bases, surpass traditional gold standard denture acrylic materials in both strength and aesthetics.

Lou Azzara, president of Desktop Health, said in a press release: “We are extremely pleased with the superior performance of our Flexcera family of dental resins. By expanding access to our world-class solutions, we are supporting dental labs and dental labs.

Dental resins are proven on a variety of Asiga 3D printers, and Flexcera can print on both desktop and production models. This expansion of the hardware system allows Flexcera to be used more widely with other premium, high-power 385 nm wavelength 3D printers.

“Flexcera is the undeniable leader in the dental 3D printing nanoceramics market, and we will continue to offer this popular option to other high-performance platforms. We are very excited to welcome Asiga customers to the Flexcera family.” Asiga is the leader in North America and With one of the largest installed bases of DLP® printers in Europe, we look forward to more customers enjoying this material. “

Desktop Health is committed to ensuring compatibility with third-party printers to provide patients with safe, personalized dental solutions. According to the company, Flexcera for Asiga was developed for nearly a year and passed a series of ISO tests to ensure printing accuracy, polymer mechanical properties and biocompatibility.

The initial Flexcera range of resins validated on Asiga systems include:

  • Flexcera Smile Ultra+, an FDA 510(k)-cleared Class II material for permanent and temporary, 3D-printable dental restorations
  • Flexcera Smile, an FDA 510(k) approved Class II material for removable 3D printed dentures
  • Flexcera Base, an FDA 510(k) approved Class I material for 3D printing of complete removable denture bases

Flexcera for Asiga is now available in the US, UK, EEA and Canada. To learn more about Flexcera, visit Asiga is now the second third-party hardware supplier to validate Desktop Health's Flexcera dental resin on its 3D printers, and the company says more platforms are to come.

Desktop Metal provides innovative 3D printers, materials and software designed to deliver the speed, cost and part quality required for on-demand, digital mass production of industrial, medical and consumer products, the manufacturer said.

*Resistance to fracture, defined by Flexcera Base work of rupture (J/m2), is compared to the work of rupture of Lucitone® Digital Print, Lucitone® 199 and Lucitone® HIPA published by Dentsply Sirona. Results archived.

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