1 million seniors can now access services under the Canadian Dental Care Plan

May 1, 2024 | Ottawa, Ontario | Government of Canada

Starting today, the first one million seniors who successfully applied for the Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP) and included a May coverage start date in their welcome package can now receive the dental care they need.

Additionally, starting today, people 65 and older who may be eligible can now apply online to CDCP, a new user-friendly tool designed to make it easy for Canadians to apply.

More than 6,500 oral health providers are enrolled and ready to serve CDCP patients. If someone who is eligible for services does not already have an oral health care provider, they can consult Sun Life Financial's CDCP Provider Search to find a dentist, dental hygienist, denturist or dental specialist in their community.

When making an appointment before July 8, 2024, CDCP patients should ask their oral health provider if they are enrolled in CDCP. Starting July 8, CDCP patients will be able to see any oral health care provider of their choice as long as that provider agrees to bill Sun Life directly for services provided under the plan. All providers can bill Sun Life directly for services provided on a claim basis without formally joining CDCP.

Until July 8, claims will be processed only by participating providers. CDCP patients will not be reimbursed if they pay the entire cost themselves.

Depending on their family income, CDCP patients may have to pay out-of-pocket costs, as well as additional fees based on the services received. Before receiving any services, CDCP patients should confirm the amounts not covered by CDCP and the amount they will need to pay directly to their provider.

The Government of Canada continues to increase access to oral health services. Later this month, Health Canada will launch the Oral Health Access Fund (OHAF), which will further reduce barriers to access oral health services for Canadians, including in rural and remote communities. The first call for proposals will support plans submitted by oral health training organizations.

CDCP will help make dental care more affordable for up to 9 million Canadians who are currently uninsured. Participating providers continue to support our collective efforts to ensure that as many Canadians as possible receive the oral health care they need to stay healthy.

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