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Veteran dental marketing experts Mark Ross and Michael Ventriello teamed up in 2023 to launch dentistry’s first virtual focus group platform, Virtual Dental Teams (VDT), and recently teamed up again to launch Promote DDS—Specialized investor presentation creation services for dental startups as well as existing healthcare and technology companies planning to enter the oral care market.

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Designed as a free service or in conjunction with VDT, PitchIt DDS is driven by a combination of 50 years of dental product and company launch experience and insights that Ross and Ventriello will apply to their creation on behalf of dental industry founders and new startups. in every promotional material.

“Dentistry is entering an exciting era of innovation and investment,” Ross said. “However, with so many new companies vying for investor funding, it is more important than ever for dental startups to make a compelling pitch that stands out from the crowded field and, in turn, convinces. Angel investors, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and others provide the capital needed to drive the next phase of growth.

PitchIt DDS presentation creation service is also available for the following applications:

  • Investor Promotional Materials
  • sales demonstration
  • Strategic partner promotional materials
  • KOL handout slides
  • training demonstration

“Mark and I have seen many investor presentations at private fundraising dinners and public ‘Shark Tank’ events, where companies seeking funding have technologies that could have huge implications in improving workflow and patient care. potential, but pitches fell flat for a variety of reasons. “Despite investing heavily in R&D, many dental startups struggle to develop the clear, concise and compelling promotional materials needed to achieve their fundraising goals. PitchIt DDS’ dynamic investor presentation can help avoid this.

For more information about PitchIt DDS, please visit or contact Mark Ross at

About Mark Ross

Mark is the owner and founder of Ross Communications, a leading brand development and marketing agency with over 30 years of experience developing successful brands and marketing campaigns for some of the most innovative companies in the dental industry. For more information, please visit

About Michael Ventrillo

Widely considered a “dental product launch expert,” Michael is the owner and founder of Ventriello Communications, a PR-leading dental marketing agency. He is an award-winning copywriter who specializes in developing strategic marketing communications and public relations plans for game-changing dental products, services and companies. Michael is also a published author and dental industry expert. For more information, please visit

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