Avēsis and Harmony Health Launch Salivary Diagnostics Testing Pilot –

What you should know:

– Avēsis and Harmony Health are launching a groundbreaking, one-year pilot program to revolutionize preventive dentistry for Medicaid underserved populations with special health care needs.

– This pilot program focuses on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who often face challenges in accessing appropriate oral care.

Pilot program details

The program will launch in California, Florida, Pennsylvania and West Virginia in May 2024, harnessing the power of point-of-care saliva testing and screening. Saliva is a treasure trove of health information that will be used to gain insights into a patient’s overall health, oral condition and hygiene habits.

This innovative approach has several advantages:

  • Non-invasive and efficient: Saliva testing provides a comfortable and easy way to monitor a patient's health.
  • Early disease detection: By analyzing salivary biomarkers, dental professionals can identify signs of diabetes, gum disease and tooth decay at an early stage, allowing for timely intervention.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: The program tailors a treatment plan to each patient's unique needs based on their individual health status. This personalized approach optimizes treatment effectiveness and minimizes risk.

This multi-state pilot program reflects Avēsis's commitment to increasing access to advanced healthcare solutions for diverse patient populations. Strategically selected sites will serve as hubs for initiatives to advance preventive dentistry and promote value-based care within their regions.

“More needs to be done to improve oral health outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For underserved populations, visiting the dentist is not an easy task and is fraught with challenges, uncertainty, and fear. “Our Goals Doing more for patients with special healthcare needs – breaking down barriers with innovative technology that improves preventive care The first-ever chairside saliva test that delivers immediate results – It is of great significance for early disease detection and personalized treatment.

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