Local mom sinks teeth into books about dental hygiene for kids

“I learned what a struggle it is to get kids to do this regularly and the importance of long-term health,” says Oro-Medonte author Shauna Carter.

As a mother of three, Shauna Carter knows how to let her kids

After struggling to get her children to take good care of their teeth, the Oro-Medente resident decided to write a book to help teach children positive habits and create healthy habits.

her first book, save the tooth fairy, Published last summer, the book aims to teach children the importance of dental hygiene.

“When I started having kids, I would tell them stories, and they always loved the stories I made up. My kids said I should try to figure out a book I could write,” Carter said.

She said the book was inspired by a traumatic dental experience as a child.

“When you're a kid, when this happens to you, it usually stays with you. As you grow up, you fear going to the dentist. I love being a mom and I don't want my kids to go through that. Painful,” she said.

Carter also realizes that there are no requirements for children to receive “rewards” from the Tooth Fairy.

“Through my own experience, this inspired me to be creative and write a letter to the tooth fairy asking for changes in her requests to help my children and others prevent painful dental experiences and long-term Healthy oral health,” she said.

Carter added that when she became a mother, she quickly realized the importance of developing healthy hygiene habits as a child and sticking to them as she grew up.

“I learned what a struggle it is to get kids to do this on a regular basis and the importance of long-term health. Your mouth is connected to your long-term health in other ways besides your teeth. ” In them It’s important to set the stage for them while they’re still young. “

She explains that the story is sort of an origin story about the Tooth Fairy and how each child keeps her alive for generations through daily hygiene practices.

“I like to have an underlying positive message in my stories, even if I don't like to go into it too deeply,” Carter said.

This book is designed to make bedtime and hygiene routines enjoyable for kids while instilling valuable lessons

The title of the sequel is plaque monster attackShe added that it is already finished and is waiting for an illustrator to start, noting that the book expands from Save the Tooth Fairy.

“It goes into more detail about this mischievous creature and how he longs for teeth that haven't been taken care of,” Carter said. “He develops an unlikely friendship with the Tooth Fairy, but that's not enough for him…” . . Then he found his way into the human world.

“It tells the story of how every child has the power to fight the plaque monster and best care for their teeth.”

Carter said she likes to include a special section at the end of her books.

“At the end of the first book, there will be a journal in which they can write down their funny memories with the Tooth Fairy. In the second step, there will be a list of what needs to be done to stay away from the plaque monster, “she says.

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