Unlicensed dentist charged after leaving Chicago patients with fake braces

Chicago (CBS) – A woman posing as a dentist was arrested in Schaumburg after customers complained she gave them false braces and, in one case, left a patient with chipped teeth after a visit.

After a CBS 2 investigation, police investigated and charged the so-called dentist with a crime.

This isn't Monica Davis' first run-in with the law. CBS 2 reported how she was arrested in January Nevada police charged her with similar charges: that she operated on people's mouths without a dental license.

Davis turned himself in to Schaumburg police. Investigators charged her with practicing medicine without a license, a felony.

In an online ad posted on TikTok in October, the dentist, who said he had no qualifications, could be seen treating a patient. Davis said in the film that her company, called “The Veneer Experts,” provides a variety of services such as “replacement of missing teeth, braces removal and veneers.”

Monica Bailey and her daughter said they received braces from Veneer Experts at a Schaumburg office building after seeing an ad on Facebook. She said they were having trouble booking follow-up appointments.

“One of the numbers was disconnected,” Bailey said. “The other one, no one will answer.”

Bailey began researching and discovered that her “dentist” had installed braces for her after she was arrested by police in Las Vegas for not having a dental license.

“It's crazy to me that she can do this in Las Vegas and get bail and you come out here and do the same thing,” Bailey said. “It's like you didn't Same fear.”

In a previous CBS 2 investigation, an actual licensed dentist examined Bailey and determined that Davis' braces were not doing anything.

“They're not connected to anything in the back, so they can't move the teeth,” Dr. Laura Zalay said.

Another customer of Davis said his tooth chipped just days after he received veneers.

Davis' third client said her molars fell out after the appointment.

Lindsay Wagahoff, director of government relations for the Illinois Dental Association, said in a statement:

“Recent developments have highlighted the seriousness of unlicensed dental practice. Illinois families should have peace of mind knowing that their dental care is in the hands of licensed professionals who adhere to high standards of training and ethical conduct. Our Members remain committed to upholding these values ​​and providing quality oral health care to the Illinois community.

Davis' attorney said his client “just wants to have his day in court.”

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Davis faces more than just potential criminal trouble. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is investigating her for practicing law without a license. She could be fined up to $10,000 per violation.

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