How To Skyrocket Your Dental Marketing Efforts This 2024


You'll find the following actionable tips in this guide:

  • Build great content for your website
  • Invest in SEO
  • Use social media
  • Leverage Google My Business
  • Create engaging content
  • Leave space for comments
  • Run a loyalty program

Do you dream of owning a thriving dental practice filled with admiring patients? You are not alone. While excellent care is the foundation of your dental career, attracting new patients in 2024 requires a strategic marketing approach.

This guide is packed with practical tips you can implement immediately to help you rocket your dental marketing strategy in 2024. – Create a healthy, happy smile.

Build great website content

By 2024, more than 5.4 billion people, or 66% of the world's population, will be online. Need a strategy that can enhance your digital dental marketing campaign to take your business to the top. In this case, excellent dental website content is mandatory. [1]

However, getting up and running does not guarantee a steady stream of potential patients. You have to do your part to make your website stand out. Here are some tips:

Simple and user friendly

Think clean layout, easy navigation, and large, clear fonts. Website visitors can find what they need in just a few clicks.

Designed for mobile devices

More than 50% of Internet users browse the web via mobile phones. Make sure your site displays properly on all devices. [2]

Convertible content

Great content for all your dental specialties is vital. It’s best to have an “About Us” page. Here, you should briefly introduce your team and highlight their expertise and qualifications.

Invest in SEO

About 59% of Internet users use search engines such as Google to find what they want. That’s why you need to do everything you can to make sure your website is among the ones they see. [3]

Properly implemented search engine optimization (SEO) can help potential patients discover your website when searching for dental services in your area. Here's how to get started:

Know your keywords

Think about the words and phrases people might use when searching for a dentist online.Examples include “Family Dentist Near Me” and Best Invisalign Dentist [your city].'

Optimize your website

Spread these keywords throughout your website content, including page titles, headers, and body text. Why? This helps search engines like Google understand what your site is about, making it easier for potential patients searching for a dentist to find you.

While keyword optimization can make or break your business, it shouldn’t distract from your focus: providing excellent dental care. This is where a dental SEO agency can help. Hiring an SEO expert like a dental SEO agency can handle all the details for you so you can focus on your new patients.

Use social media

About 60% of Internet users use social media, spending an average of two hours a day. These platforms are a powerful tool for connecting with potential new patients, showcasing your expertise, and building a community around your dental practice. [4]

Here's how to get started:

Choose a platform

Focus on platforms where your target audience spends their time. For example, Facebook is a great all-rounder, while Instagram is great for providing visually appealing content.

When you find your social media sweet spot, invest in quality content.

Publish content that is informative, interesting, and engaging

Share simple dental hygiene tips, debunk common myths, or answer common questions in an engaging way. For example:


Let potential patients know about your practice through photos of your team, patient success stories (with permission), or fun office events.

Live Q&A

Host live Q&A sessions on Facebook or Instagram to address patient concerns and build trust.

Run engaging competitions

Organize a contest for people to share their best “smile selfie” for a chance to win a free consultation or an electric toothbrush. This is a fun way to increase engagement and brand awareness.

But how do you ensure your competition attracts the right audience and generates excitement? Consider working with a dental marketing company. They specialize in developing engaging social media strategies that help you reach a wider audience and achieve your marketing goals. You focus on your career, they focus on your social media development.

Use Google My Business (now Google Business Profiles)

Let's say a potential patient searches for “dentists near me” on Google. Don’t you want them to see your dental office first? Thanks to Google My Business (GMB), this is all possible. It's a free tool that helps you manage your online presence on Google Search and Maps.

Claim your list (if it exists)

Search for your dental practice name on Google Maps. If the listing exists, claim it to verify ownership and update the information.

Create a new list (if you don't have one)

If you can't find your clinic, go to GMB and create a new listing.

Complete your profile

The more details you can provide, the better. Include your:

Exact address

This ensures that patients can easily find your location.

Most commonly used phone numbers

Make it easy for potential patients to contact you.


Drive traffic to your information website.

Business hours

Let patients know when you are open.

Update your GMB profile regularly to stay informed of changes to opening hours, services offered or special promotions. Keeping information up to date ensures patients receive the most accurate details. This is good for you, them, and your website’s ranking.

Create engaging content

We’ve discussed the importance of content on your website and social media, but what kind of content should you create? Here are some ideas for getting your audience involved:


Posts regular blog posts on a variety of dental topics. example:

  • “The importance of regular inspections and cleaning”
  • “With Invisalign, anyone can have a Hollywood smile.”
  • “Coping with Dental Anxiety: Tips for a Calm Visit”

Keep your tone informative and conversational, and avoid using overly technical terms.

3d tooth bar chart with red arrow isolated on white background. make it become. Dental medicine health growth chart business statistics concept.

Visual effect

Create short, informative videos about common dental procedures, such as tooth cleaning or cavity filling. You can even film a “Meet the Dentist” video to introduce yourself and your team in a friendly and approachable way.

But it's more than that. You can also reassure patients with videos explaining common dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings or teeth whitening. Also, consider video testimonials of happy patients sharing their positive experiences with your services.

Pro tip: Repurpose content. Convert a blog post into a social media infographic, or expand a social media post to a full blog post. This maximizes the reach of your content without having to start from scratch every time.

Build brand trust through reviews

According to statistics, about 99.9% of customers check reviews of products and services before purchasing. Of those, 49% trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from people they love. That’s why you should prioritize positive reviews for your brand. A great dental marketing company knows how to remove negative reviews.[5]

Here's how to encourage them:

provide excellent service

Focus on patient satisfaction at every touchpoint, from scheduling to treatment and follow-up care.

Make it easy to leave a review

Your website, appointment reminders, and business cards should include links to your review profile (Google My Business, Facebook, etc.).

The power of “thank you”

After a successful appointment, send a personalized thank you note or email. This is a push to leave a review while their positive experience is still fresh in their mind.

Reply to all comments

Take the time to respond to both positive and negative comments. Thank satisfied patients for their feedback and acknowledge any concerns raised in negative reviews.

Pro Tip: Display positive patient reviews on your website and social media to further build trust and credibility.

Consider paid advertising

While organic marketing strategies go a long way, paid advertising can give your dental practice an extra boost. Here's a quick overview of some popular options:

social media advertising

Target your ideal patients on platforms like Facebook and Instagram with demographic filters and interests. Promote special offers, free consultations, or educational content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Consider running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines like Google. This content will appear at the top of search results when people use keywords related to dentistry in your area.

Paid advertising requires careful planning and budget allocation. To maximize your return on investment, consider consulting with a marketing professional.

loyalty program

A well-designed loyalty program can incentivize regular checkups and preventive care, and even encourage them to recommend your services to friends and family. Here are some ideas:

points system

Each completed appointment rewards patients with points, which they can redeem for discounts on future treatments or dental hygiene products.

Referral program

Existing patients are encouraged to refer new patients. This is a great way to grow your practice organically through word-of-mouth referrals.

Exclusive benefits

Offer exclusive benefits to loyalty program members, such as priority scheduling, special discounts on new services, or early promotions.

Partner with local businesses

Partnering with complementary businesses in your area can be a great way to reach new patients and expand your network. Here are some ideas:

Work with local pharmacies

Provide educational brochures or co-host events on oral health awareness.

Neighborly Network with Health Centers

Cross-promote services like Invisalign with wedding companies, yoga studios, fitness centers, or health food stores that may cater to a health-conscious audience.

Remember: Mutually beneficial partnerships are key. Look for businesses that share your target audience and can provide valuable exposure for your practice.


The strategies shared in this comprehensive guide can take your dental practice’s marketing efforts to the next level. Make the most of them, and if you find it difficult, contact a marketing expert. This is a great way to ramp up your marketing efforts in 2024.


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