Getting Ahead: Dental Days 2024

Dental Days 2024 will take place on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June. The Panhandle Public Health District (PPHD) hosts Dental Day every year.

Students from the University of Nebraska Medical Center School of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene will participate in this annual event. They work under the supervision of UNMC School of Dentistry faculty and area dentists.

Families must make an appointment – ​​please contact Janelle Visser at PPHD at 308-760-6493 or Ashlei Tausan at Gordon at 605-786-6147. Currently, all dental appointment slots in Sydney are fully booked. Gordon still has some time.

Children who have an appointment at Life Smiles in Sydney should book a pre-screening appointment at a local dental clinic. For Gordon Memorial Hospital, Gordon Site, all screenings will be done by appointment on May 31st or June 1st.

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Transportation is free. If you need a ride, please contact Open Plains Transit by May 17 at 308-761-8747.

PPHD realizes that few dentists accept Medicaid. Community Action Partners Dental Clinic in Chadron and Gering is always busy. In fact, Chadron hasn't had an available date for a year! Dental Day gives families the opportunity to get much-needed health care for their children.

Why is there so much focus on children’s dental care? Oral problems such as tooth decay can affect a child’s learning ability and overall health now and in the future.

Children from low-income families without access to dental care miss three times as much time in school due to oral health problems. These children often have a reduced appetite, are depressed, and have difficulty concentrating—all of which can lead to a risk of decreased school attendance and learning ability.

Regular preventive dental care can reduce the health risks these children face as adults, including heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy complications. Good dental care helps improve self-esteem because healthy teeth and gums are important to how we feel about ourselves.

Preventive dental care for children is vital. If you have an eligible child, call PPHD at 308-487-3600 or visit for more information. Please contact Janelle Visser at 308-760-6493 or Ashlei Tausan at 605-786-6147 to schedule your appointment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get free dental care for children ages 3 to 21, even if their family has little or no dental insurance

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