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SSince September 2020, dental hygienists in Quebec have become autonomous professionals. Among other legal changes, this means dental hygienists can now own a practice. This separation of professional activities from other oral health care providers means that services are more accessible to Quebecers.

Dental care is inaccessible to many Quebecers due to cost, distance, mobility issues, phobias and more. Dental hygienists are providers recognized by private insurance as well as public health systems such as RAMQ (Sickness Insurance in Quebec) and the new Canada Dental Care Plan.

What should I look for in a dental hygiene clinic?

Atelier Smile welcomed its first patients in January 2022. Patients can expect a judgment-free environment, high-quality care, and thorough follow-up on all their preventive oral health needs, including referral to an oral specialist when necessary. Dental hygienists are licensed professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethics and respect very strict infection control and confidentiality protocols.

How is dental hygiene care different?

Dental hygiene care differs from other oral health care in that its primary focus is prevention. By assessing each person's needs and taking the time to listen to their lived realities, dental hygienists are able to tailor treatments and home solutions to truly help patients. Preventive care methods not only control dental disease but also inadvertently reduce the risk of many other health problems.

Research shows a direct link between an unhealthy mouth and Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy-related issues, digestive issues, and arthritis. We tend to forget that the mouth is connected to the body, which means if inflammation occurs in the mouth, inflammation occurs elsewhere in the body as well. As you age, your body's resistance to certain diseases becomes weaker. This is why prevention throughout life is important.

Dental hygiene treatments include evaluations, scaling, polishing, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, desensitization treatments, cavity prevention treatments, temporary fillings, periodontal disease management and many other activities in collaboration with the prescribing dentist. The law states that individuals have the right to choose their own health care professional, and now it’s time for people to experience what choosing an independent practice dental hygienist means for their oral health.

Atelier Smile is located at 2100 Marlowe, Suite 346. For more information, call 514-515-7533 Or visit

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