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Straine Dental Management (SDM), a dentist-owned, dentist-led dental services organization (DSO), continues its national expansion through a strategic alliance with Jolly Family Dental of North Little Rock, Arkansas. SDM enters its 13th state, consolidating and building a world-class organization with dental partners dedicated to providing the highest standards of care to patients.

Strain Dental Management, Happy Family Dentistry

Dr. Scott Jolly and Dr. Brad Jolly of Jolly Family Dental in North Little Rock, Arkansas, have joined Straine Dental Management.

North Little Rock, Arkansas has relied on Jolly Family Dental for many years for its dental needs. Founded by respected dentists Dr. Brad Jolly and Dr. Scott Jolly, the practice prioritizes comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Their commitment to quality, compassion, and family-centered care has made them a cornerstone of community dental care.

“Joining forces with Straine Dental Management opens a new chapter for Jolly Family Dental,” said Drs. Brad and Scott Jolly in a joint statement. “This partnership allows us to maintain our clinic’s core values ​​– treating everyone like family – while leveraging world-class support. With SDM managing administrative tasks, we can focus on what matters most: working at Peking University Stone City provides exceptional care and promotes oral health.

“Dr. Brad Jolly and Dr. Scott Jolly are exactly the kind of passionate, driven leaders we are looking for in Straine Dental Consulting and Straine Dental Management. Their commitment to excellence and success is a perfect fit with our mission, and their team will be a valuable asset in achieving our shared goals. We are excited to partner with them.

About Jolly Family Dentistry

Jolly Family Dental offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of our patients, including preventive care, restorative surgery, cosmetic dentistry and more. Their team of skilled professionals focuses on patient comfort and satisfaction and strives to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and cared for.

About Strain Dental Management

Straine Dental Management (SDM) is a dentist-owned and led DSO derived from a 30-year-old consulting organization specializing in strategic performance management and transition for thousands of dental practice owners and emerging DSOs across the United States and Canada plan. SDM leverages its proven experience and expertise to equip its network of top-tier dental clinics across 13 states. This business model ensures optimal patient care while maximizing practice performance and productivity through a comprehensive suite of business support services, including consulting, accounting and human resources. SDM helps its partners thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

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