DJ Khaled & Aurezzi Join Forces For 24K Gold-Plated Toothbrush

Aurezzi's luxury toothbrushes set the gold standard with over 5,000 bristles for superior plaque removal.


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The oral care revolution led by the new luxury brand Aurezzi is truly a revolution. However, gold toothbrushes and gold-containing oral care products are introduced not only for beauty; It also marks a movement to indulge in oral hygiene habits.

Just as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari promise pinnacle driving experiences, Aurezzi stands for oral care that transcends the crowd. It is designed for those who not only prioritize personal care, but also want to start and end each day in luxury.


Let non-traditional healthcare leaders embark on this adventure. Entrepreneur and dentist Noel Abdayem founded Aurezzi after the huge success of sustainable oral care brand The Humble Co. Blank: luxury.

“A few years ago, I met with a big player in the luxury space and I realized there was a whole world of luxury oral care just waiting to be explored,” Abdayem reflects. This insight led to the creation of Aurezzi and sparked an unlikely revolution. Aurezzi stands out for its unparalleled commitment to combining luxury with functionality.


The brand's flagship product is a 24-carat gold-plated toothbrush with an octagonal handle for precise grip and over 5,000 bristles for superior plaque removal. Priced at $59, it's the ultimate combination of sophistication and personal care.

Grammy Award winner and music industry mogul DJ Khaled has been the face of the brand since its launch last month. When it came to imagining a celebrity who embodied a luxurious lifestyle, DJ Khaled was Abdayem's immediate choice.


“With the help of our creative agency, Hollywood Branded, we brought DJ Khaled on board with Aurezzi not only as an ambassador, but also as a stakeholder,” he explains. “His unparalleled success, strong work ethic and motivational energy are qualities we deeply admire.”

For those who want a radiant glow, Aurezzi also offers a toothpaste enriched with 24K gold particles and hydroxyapatite, a modified bone mineral. Priced at $39, the toothpaste embodies the brand's ethos of blending glamor with oral health benefits.


Another gem in the line, this mouthwash, also priced at $39, offers a refreshing mint blend for unparalleled luxury and dental benefits. Made in Switzerland, Aurezzi's products are designed to open the mind (and mouth) to exciting possibilities for a delightful oral care experience.

In addition to its gold-infused products and their luxurious appeal, Aurezzi distinguishes itself in the oral care industry through a unique blend of sophistication, craftsmanship and functionality. The Aurezzi toothbrush has 5,000 bristles compared to the drugstore standard of 2,000 bristles.


But Aurezzi's ambitions don't stop at aesthetics. “Not only have we secured well-known retail partners, but we also plan to expand our range of oral care products,” Abdayem predicts.

“This is truly just the beginning and the future looks golden.”

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