Dental Implants in Woman: Dental Implants Leaves Woman With “Worst Bruising Ever” | Health News

A 44-year-old woman's face was covered in bruises after dental implant surgery, leaving her looking “like a monster.” Jessica McCo underwent surgery to restore a new set of teeth after her eating disorder “eroded” all her teeth. Read on to learn how eating disorders can affect your teeth.

Although doctors warned Jessica against bruising, she didn't expect the surgery to be extremely painful

A 44-year-old woman claims dental implants made her face look “the worst” Blood stasis once” – making her look like “a monster.”Jessica McCo says she suffers from a eating disorder This “eroded” everything about her teeth.

So she decided to solve her dental problems with a full quadruple dental implant, a procedure that involves inserting a set of four implants to replace an entire arch of loose, missing and dislodged teeth.

Although doctors warned Jessica to watch out for bruising, the stay-at-home mom said she didn't expect the surgery to be painful and the bruising to be so severe.

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