Promoting Dental Hygiene & Oral Health

Our edutainment content supports millions of parents in teaching their children the importance of brushing day and night. It also highlights topics like how sugar can cause cavities and the importance of visiting the dentist.

By teaming up with Cartoon Network, we’re not only ensuring our content is appealing, we’re also making our Little Brush Big Brush content accessible to children and parents across digital, social and TV channels. At launch, our cartoon series became available to around 18 million households in Indonesia, Vietnam, Italy and France, helping families learn about positive brushing and oral hygiene habits.

The Adventures of Little Brush Big Brush allows parents to let their children have fun watching a cartoon, while knowing they are learning about good oral health. Learning about good brushing habits doesn’t have to be boring!

Justyna Janssen, our Global Brand Director, Smile Engagement

Teledentistry brings new ways to consult with your dentist

In addition to using digital technology to educate children and their families, we are now using it to find new ways to deliver essential health care.

Only 10% Of people in developing countries see a dentist once a year

according to World Health Organization, while 82% of people in high-income countries have access to oral health services, this number plummets to 35% in low-income countries. In developing countries, only 10% of people visit a dentist once a year. A chronic shortage of formally trained dentists and poor access to professional dental care in rural areas, coupled with high costs, mean that visits to dental clinics are often delayed. As a result, too many people are losing teeth to cavities that could have been avoided.

We believe that dental care should be a right for everyone. As a result, our brand now offers teledentistry services, providing free dental consultations via mobile devices.

This service allows you to speak with a dentist who can help determine the cause of your oral problem and provide professional advice on how to resolve the problem at home, if possible. If home care is not suitable, patients will be advised on how to seek professional assistance at the clinic.

Teledentistry services have been launched in our largest market, Southeast Asia, and we plan to follow in more countries. For countries that have not yet implemented our teledentistry services, we will provide on-ground dental camps with free examinations. Ultimately, our goal is to help more than 200 million people around the world take control of their oral health and take early action on tooth pain rather than putting off a visit to the dentist, thereby avoiding pain, expensive and complicated treatments, and tooth loss.

world oral health day

World Oral Health Day March 20 every year. This is a great opportunity to remind people of the importance of brushing day and night and how good oral health can have a positive impact on overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. Together with the FDI World Dental Federation, we are raising awareness of this important yet simple message.

Every year, we design creative online campaigns, mass media coverage, and even major brushing events where kids commit to brushing their teeth day and night. By organizing virtual events and leveraging social media, we are bringing families together around the world to develop good brushing habits that will last a lifetime.

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