COVID-19 case management in primary dental care settings in Yorkshire and the Humber

introduce Emerging guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic aims to minimize the risk of transmission within the dental setting. This service review provides an overview of COVID-19 cases reported among primary dental care staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

method Data on COVID-19 cases reported in dental practices between November 2020 and August 2021 were extracted from the Public Health England Health Protection Area repository and summarized using descriptive statistics.

result A total of 421 cases, including 221 close contacts, were reported from 223 dental practices, and 77 outbreaks were identified. Dental nurses had the highest number of cases/contacts (51/49%). Households and communities (42/22%) were the most commonly reported sources of transmission, with most staff-to-staff contacts (60%) occurring in public/non-clinical areas.

discuss The number of COVID-19 cases/contacts reported among dental professionals is low, with most cases suspected to be acquired from outside the dental setting. Most PPE breaches occur in public/non-clinical areas. While following infection prevention and control guidance, there have been no instances of staff or patients becoming contacts or cases.

in conclusion The risk of COVID-19 transmission in the dental setting is low in the context of this review due to adherence to strict protocols. The evaluation highlights the importance of collaborative working during the pandemic.

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