Global oral health: Solutions, new directions for dentistry discussed in CDA Journal collection

Quick summary: “The burden of oral disease remains one of the most prevalent health conditions worldwide and is expected to increase without an adequately trained and equitably distributed workforce,” guest editor Brittany Seymour, DDS, MPH, writes in the episode's the introduction reads. Articles discuss linking local practice to global goals, moving to new dental education models, and how dentists can apply community-based participatory research principles to better align with the strategic goals of the World Health Organization.

The latest collection reviews global health in dental education, the burden of dental caries among school children in Indonesia, community studies in Costa Rica identifying oral health risk factors, and other research on global oral health. Journal of the California Dental Association.

The burden of oral disease remains one of the most prevalent health problems worldwide and is expected to increase without an adequately trained and equitably distributed workforce,” guest editor Brittany Seymour, DDS, MPH, writes at the end of the episode the introduction reads.

“This special issue on global oral health sheds light on possible solutions and provides insights into necessary new directions for dentistry.”

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Promote the internationalization of dental education

“Dental education would benefit from formal global oral health curricula and internationalization of dental education as a whole,” write the authors of “Global Health in Dental Education: Building a Framework for Global Health Engagement for Future Dental Practitioners.”

When reflecting on new models of international cooperation (including through the use of video conferencing platforms), they suggested changing from the current global health education model (called STEGH), which focuses on short-term experiences in global health, to a combination of formal teaching and international teaching. and collaborative, interprofessional clinical experiences.

This shift “will enhance the future of global oral health and dentistry,” the authors write.

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Solving the dental caries burden in Bali through “dental immunization”

The Indonesian Ministry of Health's National Oral Health Survey shows that 90% of children in Indonesia suffer from dental caries by the age of 5, with an average DMFT of 8.1.

In 2022, dentists used a framework called “Dental Immunization” to work with local communities in Bali to address the dental caries burden among schoolchildren. The study is published in “Dental Immunization: An Evaluation of Community-Driven Strategies to Address the Caries Burden in Indonesian Schoolchildren.”

The article's authors evaluated the program's scope, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance, concluding that by linking local practices to global goals, the program “demonstrates the potential of community-based dental care and prevention strategies.” Potential paradigm shift”.

Applying community-based research principles to global oral health

Community-based participatory research combines research with the involvement of local partners to implement interventions and evaluate outcomes.

In “Applying community-based participatory research principles to global oral health: a case study from Costa Rica,” the authors present the methods and results of a CBPR oral health program conducted with indigenous communities in Costa Rica to identify common protective factors and risk factors for oral health.

“In communities such as La Casona, the complexity of community-level factors affecting oral health demonstrates the value of CBPR,” the authors concluded. They suggested that dentists could apply CBPR principles in initiatives to better align with the World Health Organization's strategic goal of achieving oral health for all individuals and communities by 2030.

Transforming global oral health

Other articles in the collection include the first-person account “Global Oral Health – Seeing My Reflections on the Changing Tide” and “Doing Better, Better: Transforming Global Oral Health,” which dentists can use Evaluate their current and future guidance.

Every CDA Magazine The series also includes Impressions—selected scientific news of interest to dentists, dental professionals, and the larger oral health care community.

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