Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Health System may be the best way to floss

Let's face it: flossing is probably most people's least favorite part of their dental care routine. It's confusing, often doesn't feel very effective, and requires a level of hand control that older adults or people with mobility impairments may not have. In recent years, innovations like floss picks and water flossers have made the process more feasible, but it's still an important hygiene habit that's often overlooked. What if those frustrating hours could be reduced to just seven seconds?

Achieve the seemingly impossible with Proclaim's Custom-Jet Oral Health System, which uses customized solutions designed for each person's mouth.

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Announcing customized jet oral health system

The Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System uses customized braces to floss your mouth in 7 seconds.

How does the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System work?

Custom-Jet Oral Health System Mouthpiece fits in the palm of your hand

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The key to the Custom-Jet Oral Health System is the custom-made mouthpiece designed to ensure every corner of your mouth stays clean.

Users simply insert a custom 3D-printed mouthpiece, press the power button on the system's water-filled Hydro Station, and the liquid rushes through 60 precisely placed nozzles, spraying all over your mouth at once from all angles. And, instead of cleaning away that watery mess like most water flossers do, all the excess bacteria, plaque, and food particles flow neatly down the funnel and into the sink.

This all sounds pretty incredible, which is why we awarded the Custom-Jet Oral Health System an Accessibility Award at CES 2024 in recognition of its breakthrough potential in accessibility.

In one peer-reviewed study, Custom-Jet was 10 times more effective at reducing gum bleeding, 12.8 times more effective at reducing gum inflammation, and 12.8 times more effective at reducing plaque compared to standard brushing and flossing. The effect on accumulation is improved by 7.9 times.

How to Purchase the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System

To try this clinically proven dental technology for yourself, visit the Proclaim website, where you can purchase the Custom-Jet Oral Health System for a limited time for $799 (normally $899). This product is also FSA and HSA eligible and is available in interest-free monthly installments as low as $34 per installment.

After placing an order, users will be paired with a Proclaim Dental Partner to set up the simple and painless intraoral scan required to create their personal mouthpiece. Users get a free visit to the dentist to get their first mouthpiece made, but additional mouthpieces can be purchased for others in the family.

While some may think products like Proclaim are too much for an established daily habit, the benefits of effective flossing are undeniable. For those of you who really hate having to do this, going through the entire process and doing it well, taking just seven seconds is a game changer. Whether in execution or ease of use, Proclaim's Custom-Jet Oral Health System remains unmatched.

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