Legislation to Boost Dental Care in Colorado Passes Committee

Denver, Colorado – The House Health and Human Services Committee today passed legislation to attract dentists and dental hygienists to Colorado. SB24-010, sponsored by Majority Leader Duran, would create an interstate compact for certain dental professionals.

“From routine checkups to emergency care, dental health and hygiene impacts our overall health,” said Majority Leader Monica Duran, D-Wheat Ridge.. “Through this interstate compact, we enable dentists and dental hygienists licensed in another state to practice in Colorado and begin caring for patients. I have been working in the dental field for over a decade and this bill helps provide Out-of-state dental professionals create new professional pathways and improve access to critical and needed dental health care services.

SB24-010The project, also sponsored by Parker Councilman Anthony Hartsook, passed the committee on a 12-0 vote. This bill would create new professional pathways for out-of-state dentists and dental hygienists to become licensed to practice. The Dentists and Dental Hygienists Compact creates an agreement between Colorado and six other states whereby licensed dentists and dental hygienists in one member state can obtain and easily transfer a license to practice dental services from another member state. . The compact will take effect immediately once seven states join.

This legislation aims to increase dental services and access to critical health care in Colorado by reducing barriers to dental practices by streamlining the licensing process between states, and is especially important for active duty military and military spouses who frequently relocate from state to state. Helpful – to status.

To participate in the compact, applicants must already be licensed as a dental professional. Dentists and dental hygienists who use contract privileges to practice in Colorado must comply with the state's practice laws and regulations, which are regulated by the Colorado Dental Board. SB24-010 applies only to dentists and dental hygienists and does not apply to dental assistants or dental assistants with expanded duties.

Colorado lawmakers have supported nine mobility compact laws in recent years.This list does not include 2024 Mobility Compact legislation currently pending in the Legislature, such as HB24-1096 For school psychologists and HB24-1002 For social workers.

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