Effects of Poor Oral Health on the Wrongfully Convicted

Contributed by Rodney Roberts

Federal Bureau of Prisons Policy Prison dental services confirmed this statement. It states that “dental care will be conservative, providing necessary treatment to as many prisoners as possible within available resources.” This limited approach to dental care occurs even at the state level. For example, Florida Department of Corrections Dental Policy Procedures such as crowns, bridges and dental implants are considered elective dental care, and wait times to see a dentist can be as long as two years in some prisons.

While most correctional facilities initially provide basic hygiene products such as toothbrushes, incarcerated individuals are expected to replace them by purchasing them at commissaries. one Additional charges at low wages.

Umer AliSocial workers at the Innocence Project also said the oral health treatment people receive in prison reflects the prison system as a whole. Examples to share this Neglected Struggles faced by clients who have lost teeth while in prison or jail.

“I could go eat a steak right now and have no problem. But for people who are missing teeth or have really bad dental health from being incarcerated, they have to really think about how one meal might ruin their life. All day long,” Mr. Ali said, referring to the desire of several customers to eat at the restaurant.

In fact, one client who was waiting for an implant reportedly choked so badly on a hamburger that she performed the Heimlich maneuver. suzy salamidirector of social work at the Innocence Project.

“His dentures never fit properly, despite nine trips to the dentist for more than an hour to get better-fitting ones,” she said.

The consequences of poor oral health extend beyond just physical discomfort. Mr Roberts said when he was released from prison he felt ashamed and embarrassed because of the condition of his teeth. He withdrew from social circles and was vague in his public speeches.

“I'm very conscious of my smile,” he said.

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