9 best electric toothbrushes for 2024, tried and tested

Electric Toothbrush FAQs

Why are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?

Dr Richard Marks, a private dentist in Harley Street, London, said: “There has been a lot of research into electric toothbrushes so far and any electric toothbrush you can buy is better than a manual toothbrush. They either use rotation, oscillation or vibration, You can clean your teeth without scrubbing too hard.

Dentist Dr. Toby Edwards-Lunn notes that electric toothbrushes can help children, seniors, or anyone with a weak grip make sure their teeth get the proper cleaning they need. “In this day and age, technology is so advanced that you don't have to put in any hard work. The brush will do it for you,” he said.

Of course, simply switching to an electric toothbrush doesn't guarantee healthy teeth. Good toothpaste, brushing technique, and punctual brushing and flossing are also important. But an electric toothbrush is definitely a good start.

Many advanced models on the market offer additional features such as different cleaning modes, pressure sensors, and timers to improve your oral health. The only off-putting factor might be the price tag – while prices vary by model and brand, electric toothbrushes cost a hundred times more than the manual toothbrushes you'd buy in the supermarket, for obvious reasons. But Marks says you don't have to spend money to get good results.

He would recommend brushes from dentist-approved brands Oral-B, Phillips, and Colgate, but there are some interesting new challenger brands on the market, as you can see above. It's worth noting that many electric toothbrushes are sold with a two-prong power plug. Razor sockets are an ancient relic in the UK, so it's worth checking whether you need an adapter before buying.

How to use an electric toothbrush?

“Don't move your toothbrush from side to side,” says Dr. Tara Francis. “Place the toothbrush on each surface of each tooth and between each tooth for 3-5 seconds, brushing around the mouth. By surfaces I mean the outer surfaces, tops and interiors. Angle the bristles over the teeth and gum line in between to help clean the area where the tooth neck meets the gums.

Do electric toothbrushes help gum disease?

Patients who use electric toothbrushes are much less likely to develop gum disease,” says Dr. Edwards-Lunn. “Unfortunately, gum disease is a multifactorial disease. Just having an electric toothbrush doesn't mean you won't get it. But it means the risk is greatly reduced. The most important thing is plaque removal.

Do electric toothbrushes help with receding gums?

“There are many causes of gum recession,” says Dr. Edwards-Lunn. “Patients may be susceptible or sometimes brush too hard. They may have had gum disease in the past, which may be the cause of this condition. Their gum biotype is very thin, which is a genetic factor.

“Because an electric toothbrush does the work for you, and most people will tell you these days it can help prevent further recession when you push too hard.”

Can an electric toothbrush whiten teeth?

“People have a common misconception about teeth whitening,” says Dr. Edwards-Lunn. “All the off-the-shelf products will not whiten your teeth, they will reduce their number. soil Stains on teeth: These are “extrinsic stains” that are located on the outside of the teeth and come from food, drink, and cigarettes.

inherent In contrast, stains within teeth are related to age or genetics. Your dentist can perform a tooth whitening procedure on intrinsic stains. Using an electric toothbrush will not remove intrinsic stains, but it will reduce the likelihood of adding extrinsic stains.

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