Horrible mouth condition that could arise from using white Snus

Using white snus may lead to horrific oral conditions

Snus is often used as an alternative to cigarettes – but it can cause problems

If you've ever wondered why someone's upper lip is a little puffy, it's probably because they have a small patch of white nicotine in there – called snuff.

It originated in Scandinavia and is often seen as an alternative way to get nicotine instead of smoking.

It is made by grinding tobacco into flour and packaging it into small packets to rub on the gums.

White snus is particularly famous for its “mild” product, with dentist Lise Danielsen claiming it is particularly popular with young girls “who use it to avoid tooth discoloration”.

“But it appears to be causing more damage than initially thought.” Danielson told NK in 2022.

According to Danielson, this can be dangerous for the mucous membrane around the top of the tooth, possibly weakening the attachment to the tooth and causing tooth loss.

Snuff comes from Scandinavia.


This is what happened to TikToker Christopher Scott, who said he actually lost a tooth from using a patch, and the day he found out the tooth was missing was the day he turned to snus for good.

Thereafter, he documented the long and painful process of straightening his teeth.

Danielson said her statements are based on personal observations by dentists and other gum disease experts.

However, because snus is still new to the market, she said, there hasn't been much research on the issue.

The main toxic ingredient in snus is nicotine, and a 2023 study, “Emerging Oral Nicotine Products and Periodontal Disease,” suggests that it interacts with host cells and may “indirectly or directly” worsen periodontal tissue – possibly causing you to lose your teeth .

Christopher Scott said he lost his teeth from using white snuff.


In Christopher's case, after experiencing prolonged gum pain, he was diagnosed with a disease called periodontitis, which, according to a 2019 study, is a “teeth-supporting disease.” Infection-driven inflammatory diseases in tissues”.

Periodontitis is usually caused by bacteria or plaque buildup, but can also be affected by a variety of factors, including smoking, genetics, disease, and more.

Expert Anders Welkert told the Norwegian Science magazine that although gum recession can be rescued through “minor surgery,” success is not guaranteed.

“This obviously requires you to stop using snus; otherwise, nothing will grow back.” He added.

In another interview, he said it was “important” to clarify “two concepts” about snus, adding: “One is the contraction that snuff may affect, and the other is periodontitis, the contraction that may occur where the snuff is. .

“It can cause irritation to the gums and make the roots of the teeth visible, and that irritation can definitely lead to tooth loss.”

But Welcott also said that not enough research has been done on periodontitis.

“But in my opinion, this is one of the areas that has been too little studied,” he told Science Norway.

“While we can't prove an increased risk of gum disease, that doesn't mean there isn't a risk.”

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