AGGA Appliance Lawsuit Filed Over Dental Damage, Bone Loss and Other Injuries

While AGGA was originally designed to accommodate children's still-growing teeth and jaws, the lawsuit alleges that the braces could cause catastrophic injuries and dental complications in adults, and there are concerns that AGGA braces were never properly tested or approve.

According to her lawsuit, Noble visited a dentist in 2019 for treatment of nighttime teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). Her dentist prescribed AGGA braces, indicating that they would change her bite and jaw alignment, which would help her temporomandibular joints, improve airway function to prevent sleep apnea, and improve her appearance.

However, the complaint indicates that Noble's dentists were misled by courses taught by Galella about the safety and effectiveness of the AGGA device.

Noble's lawsuit states: “During the course taught above, statements regarding AGGA were unsubstantiated, not supported by medical knowledge or science, not tested in any clinical trials, not supported by peer-reviewed literature, and were false and materially Misleading. Before implanting the device, “Dr. Galella did examine and examine the AGGA device and photographs of molds of plaintiff's teeth, knew or should have known that AGGA devices were for use on adult teeth, and declared that AGGA was suitable for use on plaintiff's teeth.

In March 2022, Noble's general dentist noticed that gum disease appeared to be forming around certain areas of the AGGA device and X-rays were taken. The results showed that she had lost bone around her teeth, but she was convinced that this was normal and that new bone would grow as her teeth moved into their new positions.

However, later that month she was diagnosed with severe bone loss and severe gum disease. She has since suffered severe bone loss, nerve damage, tooth root damage, bite problems and tooth sensitivity, all of which have resulted in permanent disfigurement and damage to her teeth.

The lawsuit alleges negligence and violations of Indiana's product liability laws.

AGGA Dental Appliance Litigation

AGGA injury attorneys are filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals nationwide alleging that the dental appliance was negligently designed and made false statements to users about its efficacy and safety. Individuals who were treated by AGGA and suffered any of the following injuries may be able to obtain settlements and financial compensation from AGGA device lawsuits;

  • Loose maxillary teeth (front teeth of the upper jaw)
  • Missing and/or damaged teeth
  • tooth or jaw pain
  • trumpet shaped teeth
  • Gingival recession
  • Breakdown of the tissue around the tooth (root resorption)
  • Alveolar bone loss (alveolar bone loss)
  • facial disfigurement
  • nerve damage
  • Corrective surgery required

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