Low cost dental health care

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — National Children's Dental Health Month begins today. It teaches children the importance of good oral hygiene from an early age.

News 5 profiles some of the great resources available in our community for families who can't afford dental care.

Just a dental procedure can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For many families without any dental insurance, this is all an out-of-pocket expense.

Teaching young children good oral hygiene at an early age can help protect their health as they grow. That's why pediatric dentists like Dan Hoang, DMD, continue to promote preventive care.

“It prevents cavities. It prevents any growth and development problems, and it makes all dental visits much easier if it's just a check-up and a cleaning,” Hoang said.

Not everyone can afford these visits, or they only go to the dentist when a problem arises. Our community provides important resources, starting with the Department of Human Services, Hoang said.

“If you're in this situation, you can apply for Medicaid. You can check the private market and look for Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield. There are a lot of places, especially if your employer doesn't provide dental coverage, where you can get it.

Dr. Hoang said there is a huge need for low-cost dental care in the Springs area.

“All of these families have children with great needs, with great pain and infections, and they just don't have the means to pay for care, and fortunately we're working with agencies like Peak Vista to help these families get the care they need. Care”.

That's good news for parents like Christina Hammett who want to keep their children's teeth beautiful and healthy.

“You only have one set of teeth, you know. If everything goes wrong and you can't take care of them, which is very important, it can lead to infection, and the infection can get into the brain, which you know every time you have to live with That kind of pain, it makes you sad because you can't afford it,” Hammett said.

Mercy Colorado also holds free dental clinics every year. Their next scheduled clinic will be in Sandton in late September.


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