Sam Wilson’s Teeth Are Getting Attention (His Dental Problems Explained)


  • Sam Wilson revealed his past struggles with substance abuse, which affected his ability to get the job he wanted and maintain long-term relationships.
  • Sam began using painkillers at age 15 and became addicted to opioids for several years, which turned him into a “cold, insensitive person” and caused a troubled life.
  • Despite speculation about missing teeth, Sam insists he has not lost any and attributes his dental problems to poor hygiene and childhood neglect.

90 day fiancé Star Sam Wilson was in the news for his teeth after his season nine debut. Sam is a 30-year-old man from Missouri who fell in love with 26-year-old Citra while they were both using an online dating app. Citra from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia is interested in learning more about Sam’s “baby face” and decided to send him a message. The couple dated online for two years before Sam flew to Indonesia to get engaged to Sitara. Citra tells Sam that he must convert to Islam before the wedding. As a Muslim, Sitra was also not allowed to have sex with Sam until they were married.

In the most recent episode, Citra comes to America as Sam tells her the secret he's been hiding from her. Sam candidly revealed his past struggles with substance abuse. He didn't tell Citra or her police officer Hermann that he could have faced jail time. At the same time, Sam also has to deal with negative comments about his appearance.Viewers have always wondered whether 90 day fiancé Star Sam has a missing tooth.


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Sam is dealing with opioid addiction

Citra and Sam Wilon in blue and purple background on 90 Day Fiancé Season 10

In his first episode, Sam talks about overcoming a years-long drug addiction that began when he was a teenager. 90 day fiancé. Sam said he had trouble finding the job he wanted because of his history with drugs. At 15, he became addicted to painkillers And have been addicted to it for several years. Sam said his opioid addiction made him “Really cold, numb people“. This made his life difficult and he was unable to maintain any long-term relationships. Sam gets sick every other day while buying drugs on the street.

Sam lives in a “dirty, ugly world“Until the age of 22, he was sober. However, Sam was never completely sober as he had relapsed several times and was still struggling. When Sam was 22, he started seeing Dr. Suboxone.It's still a bit like opium. It prevents you from getting sick from withdrawals,” he explained. Sam was arrested while on a business trip with a co-worker. The police pulled him over when they discovered that the Suboxone was not in the prescription bottle. Sam was offered a diversion program to avoid jail, but he missed the deadline to submit his application. deadline.

Sam looks completely different before and after photos

Although it's unclear whether Sam ended up in jail after marrying Citra. 90 day fiancé, there are a few other mysteries about Sam that fans feel need some unraveling.Reddit user u/Kewchie-Lord567 Old photos of Sam were found on his Facebook that appear to be from when he was 14 or 15 years old, possibly before he became addicted to opioids. Viewers noticed a difference in how Sam looked thennot because he’s about 15 years younger than he will be in 2024, but because “He must have lost his lower teeth, or most of them” according to user sansfards.

Methadone, a drug used to treat opioid addiction, can also cause tooth decay over time,” Tapatiocholula wrote, while BiteOhHoney added, “The same goes for Suboxone. It eats away the enamel on your teeth.

Does Sam have lower teeth?

However, Sam Although his dental hygiene was indeed poor, he insisted he had not lost any teeth. Sam wants people to “think before speaking” So he decided to tell them his story. Sam said his family “Not receiving the best upbringing” And his parents often quarreled, so he was often ignored when he was a child. My teeth are one of them, yes I have lower teeth,“Sam added. this 90 day fiancé The star claims his jawline is due to his “Dad's side” and that all of his father’s family had “the same chin” because they had “part of the Irish language.

90 day fiancé

It airs Sundays at 8pm ET on TLC.

source: u/Kewchie-Lord567/Reddit,Sam Wilson/Instagram

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