Communication Sciences and Oral Health

The Department of Communication Sciences and Oral Health consists of two major program areas: Communication Sciences, including speech-language pathology and deaf education programs, and Dental Hygiene.

communication science

deaf education

Texas Woman's College has been training teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing for more than 50 years and ensuring our graduates have field experience to help you become a more successful educator. Learn from experienced and supportive faculty, train in future classroom labs, and join active student organizations.

Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)

SLPs serve patients with communication, hearing, and swallowing disorders.texas woman Everything you need for a successful career.Learn from experienced and supportive teachers ASHA Certified and Texas Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists when you train in our On-site clinics and join active student organizations.

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The campus itself is beautiful, but the people on campus are what matter most. TWU has a welcoming and friendly community that you can easily call home.

Rachel Iacobucci, Communication Sciences, former student director; Class of '18

oral hygiene

A dental hygiene degree from Texas Woman's University provides you with career opportunities outside of the dental office. Our courses teach you critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making in a global context that you won’t find at other universities. TWU Dental Hygiene Student Training Dental hygiene clinics on our campus Gain practical experience with patients.

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The TWU Dental Hygiene Program provides affordable, high-quality instruction and clinical experiences and provides oral health care services to the local community.

Alyssa Martinez, BSDH, '20

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