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How does the dentist at the Brown Dental Clinic in Neuvoselburg prepare his patients?
If it's a four-legged patient, then you'll see collaboration between the dental and veterinary teams on the device.

Recently, Capt. Blakely McCormick, DMD, of the Brown Dental Clinic, joined Capt. Jacquelynn Watson, DVM, of the Fort Novosel Veterinary Clinic to perform semi-annual dental exams and cleanings for Fort Novosel's military service dogs (MWD).

Captain McCormick joined the Brown Dental Clinic team this summer after completing the one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. “I wanted to become familiar with the process of making dental appointments for military working dogs. Sometimes emergencies arise and the veterinary team requires dental assistance. It was great working with Captain Watson's team. I really enjoyed learning in a hands-on environment,” says Mai Cormick explained.

Collaboration between clinic and military working dog handlers provides important learning opportunities, helps teams prepare for emergencies, and builds interdisciplinary relationships to ensure military working dogs receive optimal treatment.

Capt. Watson, director of the Fort Novoseil Veterinary Treatment Facility (OIC), also joined the Fort Novosell team this summer, arriving from her last duty station at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). “Caring for MWD is the most rewarding aspect of my job,” Watson said.
“This is my passion and I am honored to be in a role that ensures MWD are healthy and able to go out and fulfill their mission. We should provide MWD with the best care possible, and that includes taking care of their teeth. Maintaining MWD's teeth is vital, Because they must maintain bite strength to adequately do their job.

Military working dogs are considered military personnel and can be found serving wherever the U.S. military is located. This happens only occasionally, but in situations where the expertise of a (human) dentist is required, it is usually an emergency,” Watson continued, emphasizing the importance of maintaining MWD dental health.

Watson went on to share, “I look forward to continuing to work with the dentists in Novoseilburg in the future and further training each other in our respective areas of expertise!”

To learn more about Brown Dental Clinic, visit or follow their Facebook page Brown Dental Clinic – Fort Novosel. You can read more about the Fort Novosel Veterinary Care Facility:

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