Buprenorphine Side Effects Can Cause Tooth Decay, Other Dental Problems, FDA Warns

For patients who are taking the buprenorphine medication affected by the warning, the FDA recommends continuing to take the medication as prescribed and not stopping the medication without first consulting a doctor. Abruptly stopping treatment may result in serious consequences, including withdrawal symptoms or opioid relapse, which may lead to overdose and death.

The FDA said patients who use the drug to treat opioid use disorders can take additional steps to reduce the risk of dental problems.

The agency recommends that patients take a sip of water, rinse their mouth gently, and wait until the medication is completely dissolved in their mouth before swallowing. The FDA warns that they should wait at least an hour before brushing to avoid tooth damage and give the mouth a chance to return to its natural state.

The FDA also advises patients to tell their doctor if they have a history of dental problems, including cavities, when starting this medication. They should also schedule a visit to the dentist immediately after starting this medication and inform the dentist that they are taking buprenorphine. Patients taking this drug should also make sure to have regular dental checkups while taking buprenorphine and notify their doctor and dentist immediately if they develop problems with their teeth and gums.

September 2023 Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit Update

After the FDA update comes too late for many, a growing number of Suboxone tooth decay lawsuits are being filed claiming that Indivior Inc. and its affiliates failed to adequately inform the FDA about Suboxone dental issues Research the issue.

Medical studies and hundreds of adverse events have now shown that Suboxone film increases the risk in users with no previous history of dental problems who are now experiencing cavities, cavities, oral infections, gum disease and tooth loss, often requiring extensive dental care.

The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer prioritized its market position and profits over consumer safety, which resulted in users developing dental problems that were not initially disclosed.

Who can file a Suboxone lawsuit for tooth decay side effects?

Attorneys across the country are now investigating Suboxone lawsuits involving individuals who used buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual films and suffered any of the following complications:

  • severe tooth decay
  • Missing teeth
  • Broken tooth
  • extract a tooth
  • Have had oral surgery
  • Dental implants required
  • Other serious dental problems

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