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Designer Christian Siriano is known for his red carpet looks, having dressed nearly every A-lister from Michelle Obama to Zendaya.And although runway plan Known for his signature use of pink, the winner has now turned his attention to a different shade—and for good reason.

Siriano has teamed up with Greenies to release a new series to draw attention to a huge issue facing puppies: dental disease.According to the press release: “The brand and Siriano will launch a unique signature houndstooth pattern — HOUNDSTOOTHLESS™ — with 'teeth' strategically missing in the design to represent the canine dental crisis.”

The matching green and white trench coat features Siriano's signature camp and classic silhouette and use of color. Even better, the collection is equally unique and easy to use – because the only way to get it is to enter and win a set.

Siriano said he partnered with the iconic dental treatment brand because of his own experience as a pet parent: “I also have two Chihuahuas/Dachshunds that I’ve had for a long time and they always have Teeth,” Siriano said, teasing the collaboration.. “A lot of dachshunds and Chihuahuas are like that. They're smaller dogs. They start eating mung beans – it's their favorite food anyway, but it does make a big difference. It makes a big difference to me. Very important and why I want to do this.

As a pet parent of a toothless dachshund, I can relate to Siriano's experience. But dental disease isn’t just a problem that affects small dogs. According to statistics provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs will show signs of oral health problems by the age of three.So to further the fight against dental disease, Greenies donates $50,000 to Banfield FoundationOpen in new tab Help provide dental care to dogs in need.

Puppies and their owners can enter the prize draw now until September 6th. In addition, 300 second-place winners will receive free Greenies-branded products to help their puppies prevent dental disease.

To enter and learn more about preventing dental disease in puppies, visit the following websites.

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