Dentognostics Receives Significant Investment as It Seeks to Improve Patient Outcomes Against Periodontal Disease

Raleigh, North Carolina, August 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dentognostics, a research-driven technology company, has received significant investments from the Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) and Dental365 to further its growth and innovation in the U.S. dental market. Dentognostics has earned the trust and support of industry leaders with patented products for oral health and wellness; notably, Pacific Dental Services® A significant investment was made in 2021, partnering with Dentognostics to actively explore innovative technologies in the practices it supports, including tools to screen patients by taking a simple mouthwash sample.

Diagnostic dentistry is dedicated to educating patients about what is happening in their mouths and understanding the importance of proper dental hygiene, periodontal care and maintenance. This is accomplished through a patented product that analyzes saliva to determine collagen-breaking activity in the mouth. By providing patients with a quantitative oral health score, the technology holds patients accountable for their daily home care practices and allows clinicians to truly personalize a patient's care needs based on the data generated, ultimately creating a better relationship between the patient and their dental care provider. trust.

DIA is a first-of-its-kind venture capital firm that funds, advises and drives the success of early-stage dental technology companies through a team of leadership and investors with more than 200 years of dental industry experience. In addition to capital, DIA provides guidance and connections that can enhance the sales activities of portfolio companies.

“Supporting Dentognostics aligns perfectly with our mission at DIA to promote innovation and collaboration in dentistry and health,” said Thomas Sharp, DIA managing partner. “We strongly believe in the transformative power of Dentognostics technology and view it as a game-changer for improving patient outcomes.”

Join PDS and DIA as an investor Scott AsnessDDS, CEO of Dental365, a full-service dental group with locations throughout New York, connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusettsand rhode island. This addition further emphasizes the technology's potential for widespread adoption in the U.S. dental market.

“Investing in Dentognostics and providing them with additional DIA resources was a natural progression. We believe in their technology and see the potential for their tests to dramatically improve patient outcomes. We are passionate about their ability to revolutionize patient care and advance oral health worldwide. Excited by the potential. Doug BrownDIA managing partner.

“We sincerely thank Pacific Dental Services for their unwavering partnership and support over the past two years. Their belief in our vision has been instrumental in our growth.” Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann, founder and CEO of Dentognostics. “We are equally delighted to welcome DIA and Dental365, whose investment further strengthens our position in the industry and affirms our dedication to 14 years of research and development. Together we will revolutionize the oral health landscape and reach new heights high.

About the Alliance for Dental Innovation
The Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a tight-knit group of dental industry executives that provides funding, advice and promotion to early-stage companies building the future of dentistry through technology. Its investor base includes senior executives and experts from some of the largest and most innovative dental support organizations and other dental businesses. DIA has offices in the following areas: New York, Nashvilleand Raleigh-Durham.

Source: Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA)

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