AI game-changer makes leaps toward future by detecting dental diseases earlier than ever: ‘Cutting edge’

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the race for the future and entering medicine, education and politics. Now it can even save your smile.

Florian Hillen helped pioneer the still largely unknown realm of dental artificial intelligence by developing VideaHealth, a dental artificial intelligence platform that has developed software now used by 90% of clinics in the United States.

Massachusetts-based artificial intelligence platform aspires to “transform patient care” with the ability to spot hard-to-find cavities and gum disease and allow dentists to spend more time in the room with patients instead of on administrative tasks Invest too much.

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The illustration shows a radiograph depicting the extent of tooth decay detected by AI, but obscured by AI graphics. (BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images and VideoHealth)

“Everyone you meet, everyone in this audience goes to the dentist every year, right? And yet, we have over 60 million people living with undiagnosed and undetected dental disease,” Shearen said Monday on Fox Business Network's “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” program said.

“This may mean that when you go to the dentist, some of these diseases tend to be missed. So, for example, our artificial intelligence takes your radiographs and points out your radiographic bone loss in other diseases, which Helps dentists avoid missing out.

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Artificial intelligence is changing the way dentists perform their duties as AI software company VideaHealth rolls out AI-led disease detection technology to patients. (iStock/iStock)

The technology utilizes high-precision algorithms to provide a second opinion on dental X-ray readings with the goal of detecting developing disease that is missed by the naked eye.

Hillen told guest host Edward Lawrence that the software uses FDA-approved technology to identify disease earlier, giving patients more time to seek the best treatment for conditions like periodontal disease.

“That's why this treatment is actually necessary,” he explains. What it does to you and others is that you get a small treatment now, rather than delaying treatment later, which would have higher associated costs and affect your overall health because dental disease is delayed, if Left untreated, systemic health effects such as diabetes and high blood pressure can occur.

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VideaHealth Technology X-Ray Reading

Dental staff read X-rays on the screen with the help of artificial intelligence. (VideaHealth/Screengrab Cavuto: Coast to Coast/Fox News)

Hillen said the technology could help address staff shortages by offloading some of the workload from workers by taking on some tasks originally reserved for humans, helping to alleviate another problem occurring in dental clinics across the United States.

“We enable dentists and clinicians to spend less time in the back office performing administrative tasks and more time in the dental chair working with you,” he said.

Lawrence praised Shearon's vision as “cutting edge” and said the technology is the way of the future.

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