Alex Rodriguez Reveals He Has Gum Disease and Talks Tobacco Use in Baseball

Published: May 31, 2023 9:52 AM PDT

Alex Rodriguez Know that he has a megawatt smile, but according to his dentist, he is one of the millions of Americans who suffer from gum disease.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” Rodriguez said in an interview Wednesday. cbs morning show. “I went to the dentist recently and wasn't thinking about any gum disease, and then the dentist told me this news. And then I found out that over 60 million Americans have this gum disease. So this is important to all Americans, all the people watching The audience is all about protecting their teeth.

The 47-year-old athlete did not elaborate on his gum disease, but said it is popular among black and Latino communities. The diagnosis also reminded him of his friend and mentor Tony Gwynn, who died in 2014 of oral cancer caused by his regular use of dipped tobacco leaves, a situation that is difficult for some baseball players. Common things.

“It's my understanding that you saw Tony Gwynne died years ago from heavy smoking,” he shared. “So I'm not sure if that has anything to do with that. I never smoked tobacco. I smoked a lot of sunflower seeds, but anyway, for viewers at home, it's always better to be safe. Go see your local dentist.”

A. Rod, who played professional baseball for more than two decades, said his diagnosis and Gwen's death encouraged him to speak out and raise awareness among young MLB stars and community members.

“You never tie them together,” Rodriguez said. “Think about just chewing tobacco causing cancer, causing death, and having a guy like Tony, who was a tremendous guy, played basketball at San Diego State and was a great defender. Gold Glove, and the greatest. , one of the greatest idols, one of my heroes.

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